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RhiZoBas WP (Approval EM 735.E)

RhiZoBas is a product based on a selected strain of naturally-occurring beneficial soil Bacillus amyloliquefaciens. It is a plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria. B. amyloliquefaciens has been documented to positively affect plants in a number of different ways.

RhiZoBas is commonly found attached to roots and the plant rhizosphere, the area immediately surround the roots. This bacterial localization reflects the fact that plant roots commonly exude a significant fraction of the carbon that is fixed by photosynthesis (see below) and provide this fixed carbon to soil microbes that use it as a food source.

Agronomic value

As a consequence of treating plants with RhiZoBas, any one or more of the following may be observed:

  1. Increased biomass
  2. Increased nitrogen, phosphorus, or iron content
  3. Increased root and/or shoot length
  4. Enhanced seed germination
  5. Increased tolerance to various environmental stresses;
  6. Increased production of useful secondary metabolites
  7. Decompose organic matter towards humus

Note: RhiZoBas is a product that can be used in organic farming. In accordance with the Regulation CE n° 834/2007.


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