Plant health and nutrition


Sustainable agriculture is developing and biobased solutions are part of the answer.

With biofertilizers (PGPR), Artechno brings eco-friendly quality products to the growers and the fertilizer manufacturers.

Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) are beneficial bacteria which have the ability to colonize the roots and to promote plant growth through direct action. They are associated with many plant species and are commonly present in varied environments.

Diversified populations of aerobic endospore forming bacteria, namely species of Bacillus, occur in agricultural fields and contribute to crop productivity directly or indirectly.

PGPR stimulate the plant growth directly through increase in nutrition acquisition, such as phosphate solubilization, or more generally by rendering the inaccessible nutrients available to the plants. Behind nitrogen, the essential mineral element that most frequently limits the growth of plants is Phosphate.

GPR strains can promote plant growth and development mainly by the following means:

  • Production of phytohormones
  • Biological nitrogen fixation
  • Solubilization of mineral phosphates and other nutrients
  • Production of siderophores that chelate iron and make it available to plant root
  • Promotion of mycorrhizal functioning
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