Our process


Selection and development

Microbial strains are carefully selected according to activity and stability criteria. Special attention is given to spore forming bacteria.

  • Industrial process compatibility : robustness and long-term stability (preference for spores)

  • Documented activity : health benefits for probiotics, or growth promotion for biofertilizer or animal nutrition

  • Biosafety status : QPS strains        More information about QPS  


Once selected and their production process optimized, the microbial strains are cultured in controlled bioreactors (fermenters up to 8m³) to reach expected quality.

At the end of the process, the biomass or the active ingredients produced during the fermentation process are harvested by concentration techniques.


Spore forming bacteria can be desiccated by industrial process known as spray-drying. This process yields a concentrated pure dry powder containing up to 500 billion of spores per gram.

More sensitive microorganisms are freeze-dried.


These highly concentrated pure cultures are blended together into end-products with specific activity (gut health supporting food supplements, animal Food Conversion Ratio (FCR) improving additive, plant biofertiliser,…). They are often blended with other actives (plant extracts, fermented food, prebiotics,…) to improve the activity.