Human health and well-being


Protect human health capital by proposing natural solutions based on microbiology and fermented products is a motto at Artechno.

  • Food supplements (probiotics)

Helping digestive & immune systems work efficiently

By maintaining the natural balance of our intestinal microflora, we are strengthening our body to better fight modern lifestyle side effects : stress, illnesses, poor diets, fast ageing, pollution, medicines, antibiotics.

To achieve this balance, we are indicated to regularly consume foods or supplements containing viable beneficial microorganisms, which must reach the lower digestive tract “alive”. However, this task is made difficult by food processing, additives and preservatives, gastric acids, bile salts,...

New generation of naturally high-resistant bacteria

In the last years, we are experiencing the development of Bacillus viable spores used in food and supplements for human consumption.

The strong resistance of the viable spores to stomach acidity and bile salts allow them to reach intact the lower gut for an optimal colonization.

The robust stability of the spores secures its viability throughout food processing (heat, extrusion, freezing, drying,...) and prolonged shelf-life (even at room temperature, thus convenient for ALL types of products).

Producers of antimicrobials, enzymes & vitamins

The diverse strains of Bacillus spores show additional benefits when compared to traditional lactic bacteria :

- Generate inhibitory substances specific to pathogenic microorganisms
- Intense activity of amylolytic, proteolytic and fibrinolytic enzymes
- In-host production of vitamins (B12, K2) and antioxidants (carotenoids)

  • Functional food

  • Personal care

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